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Nov 1, 2013 5:30pm EDT
work out what the ferreiras owe me, - for using my cars as taxis. - will do. to the penny, billy. can i trust you to do that? - i meant what i said. - good. i won't let you down again. jake, do you want blinis or tapas? - what? - for tonight. - you're splashing out. - i know how important this is to you. i thought champagne... just for the toast. that should please the birthday girl, right? yeah, hope so. um, tell you what... - i might just pop round and see what she prefers. - right. you're going up in the world. you'll be sweeping the floors next. well, if that's what johnny wants, then that's what i'll do. nice try, but it ain't gonna make you any more important to him. - only there's a pecking order and i'm at the top of it. - dream on. careful, 'cause your orders'll be coming from me soon enough. don't get ahead of yourself, dan, there's a good boy. - that's told you, ain't it? - don't make no difference. 'cause johnny still sees me as his future. - ( snickers ) you're not going anywhere, mate. - yeah, i am. i know it... and more important, johnny knows it. - and he's told you th
Nov 2, 2013 10:00am EDT
support. all right. let us know what you think. please follow me on twitter @bonnieerbe. from pregnancy to sexism. a new ad campaign launched this week by u.n. women reveals that despite decades of global advancement, sexism and discrimination against women is still rampant worldwide. u.n. women hired an ad agency to conduct google searches on phrases such as "women should" and "women can't." the search engine's autocomplete function generated phrases such as "women should be slaves," "should not work", "cannot drive" and need to be controlled. the ads display the most popular responses over the mouths of women, showing in graphic form how women are silenced by gender bias. the united nations organization's officials believe this is proof it needs to continue making the case. for gender empowerment and equality. so marjorie clifton what about this campaign, do you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's very telling what bing and google and other great search engines allow removing the human hand to sort of see in a very analytical way what humans and what people are actually
Nov 14, 2013 9:00am EST
going to work? is that -- they -- used to call prostitution, now trafficking, the oldest -- most part trafficking, the oldest profession -- >> why in the world did this begin with putting the women in jail and not the men. if you really wanted to take care of this problem, it would go away. >> do you think -- >> my goodness. it's hardener you talk about prostitution in the street. but traffickers, my heavens, use the women to get to the traffickers, just as you use somebody who was on small amounts of drugs to get to the real villain in the piece. >> you light on it? it seems like in the last -- >> if sail tate ors -- cannot forget that. you talked about under the -- under the wire as it were. this is going on where nobody can see it. and how are we going to get hold of this when you have worldwide internet i'm not sure. >> unintended consequences of using the word trafficking that it may make people think is a problem overseas. not right here in your back yard prostitution something that we do talk about in this country, maybe the more familiar something to consider. >> all right. le
Nov 7, 2013 9:00am EST
violence against women. that is where we need to have the majority of the focus. >> all right. let us know what you think. follow me on twitter or at to the contrary. from college safety to defining success. contrary to popular belief, men are more likely than women to define having a loving marriage and raising children as an integral part of having it all. that according to a study released this week surveying professional men and women about how they approach and view success. almost 80% of men but only 66% of women equate having it all with being in a strong, loving marriage. a greater percentage of men include having children in their definition of success and the study found men now value work-life balance as much as women. >> as employers and institutions are thinking about their policies not to just think of them in the context of this and that everyone dealing with your children or dealing with your aging parent there is a very large population out there looking for flexibility. ask them about the importance of parental leave policies, as a corporate perk, 50% of women rated
Nov 8, 2013 5:30pm EST
nearly gave me a heart attack. makes us even then, doesn't it? 'cause you almost gave me one last night. you're in a weird mood. no, i'm in a really good mood. so while it lasts, why don't you get up, go and buy some clobber, get your hair done and i'll take you somewhere nice for lunch later? what is all this? to tell you the truth i don't really know what it is. i just woke up... i looked around... then i looked at you... and i felt really good. simple as that. oh, jake, have you met danny's new friend? what's your game? - don't follow ya, bruv. - then again, i don't really need to ask, do i? 'cause that's all you do these days-- play stupid games. no. still don't follow ya. - danny, you walked away from the club again last night. - so? have you completely lost the plot? johnny's going to go ape. a few hours after getting your job back, you lose it again. - ruby was being mugged. - you think that'll impress johnny? this knight in shining armor stuff? - well, normally he wouldn't give a monkey's, but... - yeah? seeing as though it's his daughter we're talking about. i think my jo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5